Surrendering Process


1. Contact the sanctuary, give us some details on the situation. Please note that we are a sanctuary and only take in pigs needing veterinary assistance.

2. Complete surrender form linked at the bottom of this page. 

3. Await a reply, replies to surrender situations normally take 1-3 days. 

4. You will be classified as either emergent, urgent medical or non-urgent medical. 

Emergent – we will accommodate a surrender within a week

Urgent medical – we will accommodate a surrender within 1-5 days

Non-Urgent medical – will be placed on a waiting list, wait times vary 

5. Surrender appointment will be arranged and surrender fee is to be paid.

Why we charge a surrender fee…

When surrendering, we require a fee of $15 per guinea pig. 

Your surrender fee will go towards the ongoing care of your guinea pigs while they are at the rescue. It goes towards food, housing and vet care. 

As we do not operate for profit, we function out of pocket. The small surrender fee makes it just that bit easier to keep doing what we do. 

What happens after the piggy is surrendered…

All guinea pigs that come into our care stay at the sanctuary for a minimum of 4 weeks for quarantine. 

Pigs that pass the quarantine then go to a foster carer and be assessed for adoptability.

Guinea pigs often stay longer than two weeks for reasons such as: 

  • Pregnancy watch – all females that enter the rescue go under a 10 week pregnancy watch. 
  • Medical treatment – pigs that require rehabilitation and vet care. Their stays vary between 4 weeks to being a permanent resident if necessary. 
  • Temperament/Bonding – some pigs require some time to become more people friendly or find a friend (as piggies are not solitary animals)