Grooming & Health Checks

We offer a number of services to our communtiy to help raise much needed funds. Please see our grooming and health check price lists below.


Nail Trims – $3 per pig

Bath – $6 per pig

Fur Trim – $6 per pig

Full Shave – $10 per pig

Mite Treatment – $5 per pig

Boar Clean (for male guinea pigs) – $5 per pig

Full Groom Bundle – $18


  • Nail Trim
  • Bath
  • Fur Trim
  • Mite Treatment
  • Boar Clean

Full Groom & Health Check Bundle – $24


  • Full Groom
  • Health Check

Health Checks:

Basic Health Check – $15


  • Full body check including fur, ears, eyes, incisors, feet, joints, grease glands, etc
  • Diet & housing advice
  • Care guide
  • 100g critical care and syringe
  • Sample of Vetafarm Cavy Origins Pellets

Please note that we are not vets, but can offer advice and point you in the right direction for seeking veterinary care. Health check appointments should not be used in replacement of vet treatment.