Welcome to BSGPS

Brisbane Southside Guinea Pig Sanctuary

A registered charity caring for, rehabilitating, and rehoming guinea pigs since 2020 located in Runcorn, Queensland.

In February 2023, we closed our surrender, foster and adoption programs. Rescue work is hard! We needed a break. As of August 2023, we are starting to reintroduce our adoption program and as of September we are reintroducing our surrender and foster programs! We cannot thank the community enough for rallying behind us and supporting us on our journey.

Some of our stories

Meet Marigold

Marigold came into care malnourished, with mange and a vitamin c deficiency. After a couple months of TLC, she made a full recovery!

Due to her being a satin, she now lives in a permanent foster home to monitor for any future health changes.

Meet Alba

She was one of our resident satins and sadly made her journey over the rainbow bridge in May 2023.

Throughout her last few months, Osteodystrophy, (a condition linked to satin syndrome) began to get the better of her. Despite round the clock care, dental procedures, laser therapy, medications and more, her body was no longer able to keep up.

We are very proud of how far she came while she was in our care. She will forever be in our hearts.

Meet Hope

Hope and her sister, Faith came into care at only two days old without their mum.

The girls required around the clock care of feeding and medication due to their severley underdeveloped systems. Now, a year on, these girls are thriving with minimal medical requirements.

Meet Yogurt

Yogurt is one of our resident lethal whites. Lethal whites are a breed of guinea pig that have a group of genetic disorders. These include microphthalmia (poorly developed eyes), deafness, missing/mishapen teeth, head tilts, skull deformities, and other neurological conditions.

In Yogie’s case, she has microphalmia in her right eye, a cataract in her left, a slight head tilt, deafness, and some missing and malaligned teeth. Despite this, she manages incredibly well! She’s a healthy weight, loves to popcorn with her cagemate and loves a cuddle!

We don’t have to do much different for her besides her weekly dental checks and 4-6 weekly dental procedures. She’s a joy to care for and we’re lucky to have her.