Community Rehoming Platform

Rescues are being inundated with surrender requests every day, simply too many to feasibly help, hence the creation of our Community Rehoming Platform. This program is designed to connect owners looking to rehome their pets into to safe, loving, and long-term homes without the need for the animal to go into a shelter.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Owners looking to rehome complete our ‘Rehoming Submission Form
  2. We touch base with the owner to arrange a wellness check and confirm details.
  3. After an approved wellness check, the guinea pig/s will be advertised on this page.
  4. Potential owners apply via our ‘Adoption Application Form
  5. Once the adoption application is approved, we connect the owners to potential adopters for them to liaise and rehome.

See currently available guinea pigs for rehoming within the community:

Ajwa, Haleeb & Kulfi – Female Trio

Ajwa (it’s a type of date), 2yrs old, is very loving and loves to be pat! She wins 2nd place for being a food lover in their cage and will do anything for it. She’s the most curious and adventurous and will definitely be the first to sniff around whenever the cage is cleaned and changed! Favourite sleeping position: loaf!

Haleeb (means milk in arabic), 1yr 9 months old, is a sassy one, she knows what she wants and won’t let you waste her time! She likes pats, only when she feels like it. She’s a bit dramatic when being picked up. And she doesn’t like tomatoes! Favourite sleep position: fullt puffed or flat relaxed!

Kulfi (an indian dessert) 10 months old, is the shyest of them all, as I’ve not had too much time taming/training her. She’s the winner for food loving though and will do anything and yell atop her lungs for food! Her best friend is Ajwa and you can occassionally see them napping close to each other. She’s prone to being dominated by both Ajwa and Haleeb. Favourite sleep position: legs out!