Fostering is one of the biggest ways you can support our sanctuary!

Our types of foster carers…

There are 6 different types of foster carers we have: 

  1. Short term carer – for healthy guinea pigs needing to be adopted (2 weeks – 3 months duration) 
  2. Long term carer – for healthy guinea pigs who may take a little longer to be adopted (3+ months duration)
  3. Short term SPECIAL NEEDS carer – for guinea pigs requiring special care/medical treatment in preparation for adoption (2 weeks – 3 months duration) 
  4. Long term SPECIAL NEEDS carer – for guinea pigs with ailments that will require long term rehabilitation (3+ months duration) 
  5. Permanent carer – for guinea pigs that cannot be ‘adopted out’ due to permanent medical conditions such as satin syndrome (this would mean commitment for the remainder of the guinea pig’s life (possible duration of years)
  6. Partnership carer – for families wanting to keep their pre-existing guinea pig company. The guinea pig would be fostered with the intention of returning to the sanctuary when the family’s pre-existing guinea pig passes away.

Foster Application Process

1. Decide what kind of foster carer you would like to be 

2. Complete our foster application, which can be found under the ‘Foster’ tab and send an email of your cage to

3. Await feedback from your application – this should take 3-7 business days. If you have not received a reply in 7 business days, please email again. Due to the amount of emails we receive, sometimes they can fall through the cracks but we promise to get back to you as soon as we can! 

4. Apply any feedback given in our reply to the application. Recommended changes may often include: 

  • Increase cage size to meet minimum requirements (60cm x 60cm per guinea pig)
  • Change cage to meet safety requirements (remove wire flooring, change to guinea pig safe bedding, remove hay racks, etc)
  • Adjust planned diet to meet requirements (switch to nutritionally appropriate hay, pellets, vegetables, etc)  
  • Any other recommendations, a list of our requirements can be found further down this page. 

5. Show evidence of changes (pictures of improved cage, nutritionally appropriate food, etc) 

6. Consult with the sanctuary to find a great foster pig!

7. Arrange a pick up time within our opening hours. 

Fostering Requirements

 Cage Requirements: 

  • Minimum of 60cm x 60 cm per guinea pig
  • No wire or mesh flooring 
  • Adequate ventilation (no fish tanks, perspex tanks, fully wooden cages, etc) 
  • Guinea pig safe bedding such as fleece, Vet Bed, kiln dried wood shavings, Carefresh bedding, etc. (Other beddings such as paper pellet cat litter (this may be used as lining for hay trays), mulch or bark are not safe/recommended and will not be approved) 

Dietary Requirements: 

  • Must use nutritionally appropriate hay such as Rhodes Grassy, Barley, Oaten, or Timothy hay in unlimited amounts(Lucerne/Alfalfa hay is only appropriate for guinea pigs under the age of 6 months) 
  • Must feed nutritionally appropriate pellets such as Oxbow, Vetafarm Origins, Science Selective or Burgess. No other brands of pellets will be approved.  
  • Must feed safe fruit and vegetables (safe food list can be found on our facebook page) 
  • Water must be accessible at all times 

Other Requirements: 

  • Carer must be over the age of 18 (minors must have permission from a responsible adult)