Donations allow us to keep our doors open…

There is no doubt that rescue work is expensive, but with our little exotic furry potatoes, that cost skyrockets as they require specialised nutrition, housing and vet care. 

In 2021, we have spent just under $20,000 on food, medical supplies and vet care alone. We need help to make sure we can continue to keep up with the growing demand.

You are welcome to make monetary donations directly to us or even to our vet! 

Direct donation info: 

Bank deposit – BSGPS 

BSB: 484 799

Account Number: 120238066

PayPal –

Or get in touch with our vet, Unusual Pet Vets, Jindalee and let them know you’d like to donate to Brisbane Southside Guinea Pig Sanctuary! All donations will be added as credit to our account, with your funds going towards ongoing surgical cases, consults, medications and more for our medical piggies. 

We also always greatly appreciate supply donations, they help us keep on top of the demand of our piggies in care. See our wish list below: 

– Malaseb Shampoo

– Aloveen Shampoo

– Vet Wrap 

– Gauze

– Avimec/Ivermectin/Ausmectin

– Guinea pig pellets (Origins, Oxbow, Burgess) 

– Critta Care/Critical Care 

– Syringes 

– Rhodes Grassy or Barley Hay 

– Manuka Wound Gel 

– F10

– Di-vetelact/Wombaroo Guinea Pig Milk Replacement 

– Blankets 

– Vet Bed 

– Water Bottles

– Bowls

– C&C Caging 

– Play pens 

– Hides

– Anti-fungal cream 

– Burgess Dual Care Pellets

– Syringe Caps 

– Cuddle Sacks 

– Paper Towel

– Vitamin C

– Spray Bottles 

– Bin bags