Community Support

We understand guinea pig ownership is not always simple and is often a significant financial burden, especially in this current COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we have begun two surrender prevention programs to make your dear pets more financially feasible while you get back on your feet.

Program #1 – “Hungry Pigs”

“Hungry Pigs” is a program designed to provide you with enough hay and pellets for a month.

This progam is intended to be used as tool to feed your pigs while you’re experiencing brief financial hardship. Please email for more information.

Program #2 – “Home Away From Home”

“Home Away From Home” is where you can board your guinea pigs here with us for extremely discounted rates until you are able to provide daily care again. We become their temporary home.

This program has very limited availability, and to only be used when experiencing severe financial hardship. Please email for more information.